Malikh Meharist

Jul 15 alkemy_the_game  

Place a tile him between the eyes, it will calm down!
Where is he?
– Behind you! replied softly feline voice.
No one could tell whether the stupor of the rafter was due to the speed of Camel or sword sticking out between his ribs and it was too late to ask.

Initially, these Khalimans did not belong to the army of the Republic. From the caste of the Bedouins, camel corps were messengers, runners foot swift able to quickly cover large areas or difficult terrain. They thus allowed for the circulation of information in khalimanes land: they wore as much missives caliphs as caravanners. When alchemical war, Khalimans faced the armies of the Jade Triad, whose formidable organization brought to light the lack of coordination of the republican army for hope to defeat humans, Khalimans had to learn to synchronize their efforts troops. The Camel Corps were called to carry the messages needed for this synchronization.
Nowadays the camel are fully integrated into the army of the Republic, in the body of the prudent Eye, and their task is always the message transport or military instructions. However, their high mobility allows them to perform other missions based solely on speed. They are always recruited from the caste of the Bedouin; these are usually members of the Malikh lineage. Not being warriors vocation, they avoid to the maximum any armed engagement with professional fighters. However, sometimes they slip behind enemy ranks to go neutralize alchemists. That is why they are often privileged targets, although they are not the most skilled with a weapon.

The harsh living conditions in the Asfar and proximity to the cities of Concord channel has led some Bedouin families to entrust part of their children guilds and cartels. One can thus find the camel as mercenaries Cartel Sabre.