Mahritin Djinn

Jul 15 alkemy_the_game  

Obedient to their master, the harpies were grouped around him, preventing contact with the evocative. The droplets of rain dripping from the entity had amplified the point that his legs felt become liquid.
Suddenly the djinn still growing and his arm became an irresistible wave that swept the bounding forms.

The djinn mahritin is a supernatural water entity embodied by an evocative Khaliman from a mirror.
Large size creature endowed by their own will, she will perform graciously requests from that invoked it. Its power depends on the talent of the evocative and the number of marines that were used in the materialization of the creature.
The mahritin jinn are evoked tears from a marine. This djinn is of course able to fight, even if he prefers to perform tasks requiring discretion and stealth: this spirit is indeed capable of changing into water and squeeze through the slightest gap.

If the appearance of a djinn can be extremely variable, one can not help but notice their similarity to that of Ifrits, although it is impossible to confuse them!

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