Leviathan Hunter

Oct 26 alkemy_the_game  

Once a cycle on the Great Island, usually at the beginning of winter, an Utopian gives birth to an Ocean child (as they are usually called). These children are disproportionate in size. No one knows to which family the child will be born, but by the end of autumn the midwives start hunting for it all over the island. It is very important to quickly locate the mother who carries this baby to prevent her from dying in childbirth. The size of the child is such that the mother must deliver it two months before the due date. The baby then grows under the constant care of a midwife.
Following its first cycle, when the child far exceeds the size of one meter, it is returned to its family. At the age of three cycles, it is larger than most adults and is welcomed by the Legendary Hunters wich will make it a formidable Leviathan Hunter.
No one knows the origin of these fabulous children, yet a legend tells the story of Tansa Hacha, the harpooner. She returned pregnant after several months of solitude on the banks of Empty (the great ocean) and was the mother of the first Ocean child, more than 300 cycles ago…