Knight Legate Garlan de Brall

Jul 21 alkemy_the_game  

I was kneeling in the mud, disarmed, and I cried so much for the life that I had almost lost than joy to keep it. Before me lay the corpse of Aurlok who killed my two companions broke the skull with the one I consider as my teacher since.
So imposing in his armor Obsius the creature he had to defeat, he took his casually brambles arm pieces of the skull of his victim. He said only this:
“I am the Chevalier-Legate Garlan Bral.”
I have never been afraid, except that famous day I met Berac’h

Although simple knight Legate‘s orders Ser Arzhel his master, the name of Ser Garlan Lenen Brall is known both for much of the nobility, the whole barony, and even many Aurloks. Hero for some, bloody and murderous butcher true for others, it is far from leaving indifferent cruelty and brutality, as his martial prowess and effectiveness on the battlefield have enough to make a living legend.

Ser Garlan conceives his life at the head of his men, to hunt down and kill his enemies, and, not surprisingly, it is the one that sends Baron
when it wants rapid and dramatic results, or that the end is more important than the means. Given the personality Ser Arzhel, these situations are especially common