Knight Errant

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

Of the twenty-one lords present that morning at the court of Baron, not stirred. Cowran and Ser Ser Yser, who had yet covered with glory at the Battle of Marsh Kylh and reminded incessantly, exchanged a brief glance and bowed their heads imperceptibly. Then, the back of the room, behind the servants and some scribaillons, rose a hoarse, slow voice: What price would you put?”

There are more devious battlefields than others. Land where courage or good armor Obsius are little thick protections to avoid low blows opponents. This is true of course and all these corrupt places where men are rewarded for their ability to monetize favors or to exchange good words than in defending his kingdom against his will, risking his life to the regent and future king.
On the land there, the knight errant – or their ancestors – almost. Also, it carries a lot of weapons, armor and Obsius of a title – and thus a graft Beathacrann – it is usually here that stops its endowment. Without land and without the possibility to live as a person of his rank or feel the freedom that is promised, so he wanders on the road, earning his food as he can. But few actually show to be generous with him, most noble consider him a pathetic and miserable people, pragmatic and realistic than usual, sees in him a source of trouble, death, suffering.

Thus, the knight errant has little choice but to do the one thing we’ve been taught to do: to fight and take unnecessary risks being noticed. He travels baronies and Aurloks occupied land for the sole purpose to participate in a great battle where he can cover himself with glory and maintain its own legend, hoping that it comes to the ears of a sovereign wishing either give land or take to its service. Often, whatever his employer as he may assign him land. But regularly, prevents the hunger anyway to be watching. Both the employer and the balance