Khalid Skinner

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

She had not heard the convicts slip under the foliage of the great willow.
– You know she likes to be extended, he chuckled for his companion. In two days, the fearful attitude of the inmates who accompanied Hakan and ifrit was released. She should have been more careful. The two convicts slowly went around the trunk, framing the Khalid who folded her legs under her. They were approaching a smile.
– You better let stretched! added the second while they were walking. He turned his head to signal his sidekick, it was hands to her face. Two lines the bloody framed. Khalid was facing him, a sharp sword in each hand.
– You know why they call me the Flayer? A light wind whistled in his ears he saw fall at her feet before feeling pain.
– I can give you a more complete answer if you want, ‘she said quietly.

The écorcheuses are among the most dangerous prisoners of the penitentiary of the Tooth can accommodate within it. They are generally not common criminals like most convicts. These are killer. Murderers of the worst kind. Khalimanes of following the way of the warriors artists. Most often they chose to follow the teachings of dervish masters. Gifted in their art but with a corrupt mind with perversion and the taste of blood, mostly women, were banned by their master.
But the taste of blood is strong, and the need to kill quickly becomes an irrepressible desire for many of these artists died. They are therefore recruits choice for mafia organizations. Most work in the shadow of several Crocs Canal de la Concorde, but some of these écorcheuses like call Khalimans, operating in the territory of the Republic. On rare occasions, they are finally arrested and sent to the Penitentiary Dent.
There, their legendary reputation gives them a status choice within the prison population and often they benefit from special treatment from the master of the house: Hakan ibn Suleman.