Khalid Der’Wish

Aug 19 alkemy_the_game  

The Sâaridan? This sub-species army of the desert with the masters of khergars? These are just gross! Sire, yet it seems to me that a few know still fight fine Stop bothering me with these ridiculous dancers! And please get rid of this cart full of rotten meat slices This is the company that you sent them, sire.

Sculpt by Olivier Bredy – painted by Barbouille

There are several centuries, a school Khaliman spiritual introspection advocated a meditation based on a rotary motion of the body. Sselon it, the regularity of this dance and vertigo it created jointly exercised a hypnotic fascination conducive to the opening of the mind. Some Khalimans practicing fighting as an art were introduced to this dance with the hope to be able to integrate their martial practice. They succeeded after many efforts: whirling on themselves, they learned to fight simultaneously on all sides while having an increased perception of their environment.
They fight with a long dress or two-handed weapon with a short weapon in each hand, these artists fighters have codified their techniques and, in tribute, resumed the name of these meditators who have disappeared: the Derw ish.

Over time, the combat practice has been democratized, although it remains accessible only to an elite. The fighters artists do not spend more to it: having explored everything that could be in this war dance, they are diverted to new challenges. Derw’ish now called the soldiers of the Army of the Republic, integrated to the body of Sâaridan who practice this dance. Whirling on themselves, they sow death among the enemy with cold efficiency, the speed of their rotation velocity accentuating their shots.
Become derw’ish demand extraordinary physical abilities, which is why they are few.