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Club(s) :
Club of RPG and miniatures of Bernay

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How did you discover Alkemy?
The beginning of this encounter between this beautiful miniatures game and myself is in the year two thousand and twelve. My friend (Amakiir) and I then wanted a nice little game to start both. We found much more: Alkemy A great game that later became my favorite game figures. Charmed by the Khaliman faction, I could not resist to invest in a company of these friendly tomcats.

Army (s) played (s:
The cats Khalimansmen.

Character (s) favorite (s):
I do not think I have any favorite characters from Khalimans. Each is unique and I like them all so much.

Scenario (s) favorite (s): 
Rats, chests, and much more!

What you like about Alkemy?
Its unique game system, including damage dice and table, the fight cards, besides the beauty of the figures and the great atmosphere in tournament!

Under what conditions do you play in Alkemy?
In my club, home and tournament.

What is your approach to painting miniatures?
Climbing Alkemy figurines is a pleasure compared to other games where this obligatory passage is a headlock. I also love to paint these figures.

Do you manufacture game boards or decorations?
A table and some sets are provided!

What are your favorite Alkemy figures?
All khalimans !

Would you like to see in Alkemy?
The output of the remaining figures.

Would you like to add?