Kabircheikh Hakim ibn Khalid

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“Your offer would be very attractive if I did not know the presence of your 60 soldiers behind the southern hill But as they are in the sights of 40 Tuareg camouflaged. we will reconsider the offer down, is not it? ”
The captain of the smile faded in the moment. Its presence in Asfar not remain secret and he would have to negotiate hard for him that the diplomat agrees to hide the reason. All this was beyond his soldier skills …

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The Republic Khaliman had many kabircheikhs, individuals responsible for training apprentices sheikhs, but none had as much prestige and influence the kabircheikh Hakim Ibn Khalid. This Khaliman crossed Mornea edge edge when he was sheikh, making a career unblemished who eventually brought him to the highest diplomatic positions of the Republic. Featuring an incredible prestige in all of its people, Hakim Ibn Khalid is an individual full of paradoxes: both creative and phlegmatic, lazy, determined, friendly but tricky. A scholar lovers slacks, perpetually drowned in the mists of hookah that never leaves him, but yet still sees clearly in the hands of those he meets.
Following a scandal concerning certain kabircheikh practices based, Hakim was recalled from his ambassadorial functions and was offered by the Senate to become the new kabircheikh. Hakim accepted this difficult mission, as a sense of duty than love of difficulty. Five cycles have passed and we can now see that the kabircheikh Hakim Ibn Khalid has lived up: he was able to erase the scandal caused by his predecessor and has equipped the body of the sheikhs of a more modern and more rigorous.