Jewel and the Guild of Oz

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Jewel, second highest port in the north of the Concorde channel, quickly recovering from its partial destruction by ifrit Am’n Ayassarr. The financial strength of the guild of Oz and the work of the young Brotherhood of Free Masons has already cleared most visible traces of the huge fire that ravaged the richest neighborhoods.

Jewel is the appropriate setting for business and exotic trade. Here are trading precious metals, gems, but there are equally fine spices and exotic liquor quality. All luxury goods and expensive than the rich and powerful look can buy it if you are willing to pay the price.
The city is also known for the reliability and richness of its moneylenders, pawnbrokers and other bankers, found in virtually every corner. A jewel, you might as well get quick Daomings against interesting objects that rent one of those little safes that are found everywhere.

The city itself is strongly influenced by the habits and customs of the Triad jade whose nationals have always been more numerous. The overall architecture of the city is affected, even if she is also largely influenced by its proximity to the Republic Khaliman. This gives the city a special character that does not fail to be obvious upon arrival at the port where large columns are provided with rough stone finely carved capitals.

This proximity has encouraged the installation of many counters from both peoples and Jewel is now the most successful blend of both cultures.

The historic heart of Jewel is a large circular plaza where the bulk of the financial activity of the city: the Wall Place.
It takes its name from its surroundings that are actually defined by the ancient walls of Old Town Jewel du Canal.
Founded in spring 1155 by Faruk ibn Khalid and San Yen, the city was then a small village made up of a bank and a few houses, all surrounded by a high wall built in stone and allowed for protect the inhabitants of resources.

In 1180, the wall was partly destroyed to allow the city to expand.
A gigantic room for business was then created to remember the location of the old city.
In some places, arches and gates have been built within the old walls to allow easier movement of barges and militia.
The square was named Place of the Wall and the city became just Gem.

Place the Wall has become the heart of the Jewel financial activity. All transaction volume is monitored closely by the Auctioneer, the highest governing body of the city.
Today this place has become more. He is the real crux of the majority of transactions conducted on any Mornea.
By extension, the Wall Place became the largest known luxury market. So much so that today speaks of “making the Wallwhen it comes to qualifying the new rich. Especially those who come to Jewel to show their success by purchasing products entirely futile and expensive.

The city is administered by an Auctioneer, aided in his task by the Jurists.

Its role is to ensure the well-being of its citizens and oversee the development of the city. In practice it mainly monitors the conduct of business in Gem.
It also does justice for serious matters concerning economic transactions. The Jurists have under their responsibility the direction of one of the city districts, numbering 9 (District Architects of Secrets Long, Tailors of Peter, of Sweet Reflections, Abundance, Voyageurs Diplomat Loan sharks of the Old Quarter). They validate transactions and collect taxes generated by these cases.
Only the Wall Place is not under the control of a lawyer. It is indeed under the direct responsibility of the Auctioneer.

In terms of managing the current justice offenses and other serious crimes, there has long been an agreement between the city and the Sheikhs Khalimans. They are involved in maintaining order and in return the city offers them the resources needed to accomplish this task (and a few other little substantial benefits).
To date, neither party has failed to this agreement.

Today, the post Auctioneer is occupied by Zhen Watang.
Zhen is from the Jade Triad where she grew up in front her parents, distinguished diplomats of the Moon Blighted do lose charge jade and status following a dark case of murder and corruption.
It’s a woman right, full of principles that it will refuse to betray any price. It is especially respected and appreciated gem, especially for his keen sense of justice.
She met the last cycle Hakim ibn Khalid some with whom she befriended. The old sheikh much sympathy for this woman of strong character and brings his support since the affair Tang Sonpeh.

Guild Oz

Behind Jewel, level the influence of the Guild of Oz. This was the first guilds based near the Concorde channel, before also that the construction of it is completed.
At that time, the profession of usurer or banker was nothing enviable and was very risky. The exercise without protection was often synonymous with flights or worse, premature death

Lenders Faruk ibn Khalid and San Yen had understood this fact and, together, they decided to join forces to provide the means to protect themselves more effectively.
They founded the Guild of Oz for this purpose and then defeated a small stronghold, the JeweltheCanal, in order to do their jobs safely.

The turning point in the history of the guild took place in 1170, when the Republic Khaliman appealed to their means to finance the completion of construction of the canal. It was the largest financial transaction ever conducted on Mornea and this propelled the guild Oz in the foreground.

Today, the guild is led by Kun Watang, the younger brother of Zhen Watang. Indeed, control of the guild in the city is almost complete. However, Kun is very different from her sister. This is plagued by paranoia and resentment and it alone is able to curb by the time his darkest impulses.
The case of Tang Sonpeh and especially due to the destruction carried out by the ifrit Evadés pyritin allowed him a purge of the city-port which is now fully under its control.