It’s about crowdfunding …

Aug 20 alkemy_the_game  

The announcement was made here and there a crowfunding will be launched early October to develop two new factions: the Naashtis and Utopia.

All those who have read the history of Mornea Naashtis have heard of the snakepeople decimated by the Empire of the Jade Triad during the alchemical war. They had disappeared from the face of Mornea and biding their time. The Naashtis are the masters of fire and they resurface of citadels” buried throughout Mornea

As for the people of Utopia, is the result of interbreeding of men the Kingdom of Avalon banned a long time ago and a forgotten people of the ocean of Dreams. From their union and their wanderings at sea was born a new society. But a cataclysm befell them and they landed on an island where they discovered ancient artifacts. The idea to settle on the great continent germinated in the mind of some