Inquisitor of the Dragon Guard

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

Your concentration and your prayers no longer serve you for anything. The evil tree that thou advertisements gangrene and your body can not help you. I’ve tried and sentenced. The blade that just hit you asked me months of hard work and chasing. The shot that I carried you, I have repeated thousands of times. You do not know yet But you’re already dead!

The body of the inquisitors of the dragon guard, closely linked to the Breath of Dao, traces its origins to the Battle of Gigage Gadusi. The Celestial Triad jade, realizing that Aurloks had in turn developed alchemy, ordered the creation of a new type of specialized fighter in eliminating enemies alchemists. This task returned to the Breath of Dao who too happy to find an opportunity to prove the superiority of his art, coined the alchemical weapons” capable of causing terrible injuries alchemists. The white judges donated by the best elements of the dragon guard, creating the body of alchemical guards.” The drive began under the joint supervision of fencing masters and alchemists.
The Treaty of Gigage Gadusi put an end to the war before the alchemical alchemical guards found the opportunity to really prove their worth. Their role changed: they became vigilantes wandering, both judges, juries and executioners. They then acquired the title of inquisitors because their authority allowed them to investigate anyone and especially to track down the most dangerous criminals of all: the rebel alchemists. The inquisitors and gained their spurs during the revolt of Avalon, where their involvement played a crucial role in the defeat of the insurgents. A deep enmity between them even today Avalonians alchemists of their former tormentors.