Iëcha bint Sorhna

Jul 03 alkemy_the_game  

The Sorhna had just picked up a stone with blue highlights and I saw his face close a little more than he already was. Now I knew my role was to enable this state of concentration. She passed the palm of his hand on his water mirror and the first ripples were soon to appear.
The mirror did not mind me scared: nothing more terrified me see that face this ice where his blind eyes could not contemplate his own face. What qu’Iëcha bint Sorhna can distinguish among the highlights, it always ended up out of it, to become all too real. Even I, who was not an enemy, I feared these apparitions more than death itself!

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This Khaliman with white fur is the personal oracle of the caliph of White Dress, land line with Ermadhi. Versatile, it seems equally practicing alchemy oracles than evocative. All who met her remember his stormy character, but also his frankness and his courage!
Unlike her sisters Sorhna lineage Iëcha is primarily a fighter, capable of providing a solid alchemical assistance to those that accompany it. The Ermadhi guards are very proud to fight alongside and are in high esteem, feeling that is certainly reinforced by the attitude of this very fraternal Khaliman to them: a behavior that contrasts sharply with the discretion and the usual withholding members Sorhna lineage. Iëcha is not content to contemplate: it acts!