Horned sentinel

Aug 19 alkemy_the_game  

Such a statue of flesh, he remained close to this terminal without moving despite his injuries. When the rookie walked to the second terminal, they thought they saw a green flash: it was the toad had just pounce. He launched an attack on the young recruit who dealt him a huge ax. The cry, we exchanged smiles and returned to the fight. Our smile froze, it was the rookie who was screaming as acid blood stream toad. The rookie had not long to suffer, she collapsed when the ax of the toad reached.

Otsiliha the Living is the city of Walosi. Those are the Toads, indeed, managing this capital Aurlok, the only continuously receives and hosts representatives of other peoples. Unfortunately, despite the amazing physical abilities of Walosi, there are some places that should be kept and carefully protected and are the warriors totem auroch undertaking it for many cycles. Gradually, however, in contact with aurochs or warriors fighting against the Avalonians, some clan members have learned to develop their martial skills.
Led by Akisni the Red, a shaman of the housed’Aurlokan, launchers hives, rarely warriors Thunderlord isolate themselves in the marshes of Oyanke Aliha. For three Selenes, they feed only barks, remain in permanent contact with the ancestors spirits and carry out rites kept secret by Akisni.

Back in Otsiliha, their physical appearance has changed little, despite a significant thickening of their members. But it is in their silence is observed that the major change, they became motionless sentries, like the wandering tribes totems Mako Sihapi hence the nickname given them by Aurloks: Sentinels Retorts.

A warrior in Toads. This one, we have to be wary: 10 life without critical condition, a Cbt 5 and a boot that enables it to 6 damage every second!
It remains to find a way to force the opponent to pass it in serious condition (yellow), it should not be too difficult