History of the Triad

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Orhöm, the faceless Architect, was long tormented by his imprecations. Drunk with bitterness, he renamed Dao and took the road south, towards the high mountains on which she had broken the glass Fresco. While Dao was climbing the mountains, his anger and his breath until amplifièrent then become a perfect storm where a multitude of beings were born with very different faces. Thus appeared the men, frailer but more numerous than the children of other architects.
Dao, now Emperor, transmitted his ambition, ingenuity and perseverance to his children. He taught them the Tao, philosophy, and the three principles that would allow them to become masters of the world: discover, understand and fight.

The men had multiplied and now formed extensive clans that had colonized southern Mornea. Some even began to conspire or fight to conquer new territories.
Dao lacked time and knew that her children had not applied its principles in all areas as their five senses could apprehend. He invited the patriarchs of clans Yu Cheng for a competition to outstanding issues: the heavenly tournament. The emperor confided to each clan‘s mission to apply one of the three founding principles to the best of its ability. The heads of the three clans become triumphant the Celestial, the heirs to the throne of Dao.

The empire of Dao then became the scene of an incredible struggle. The clans pushed the limits of their ability and intelligence to quench their thirst for power, under the satisfied eye of the emperor. Alliances and rivalries born during the celestial event are still alive today and are the source of a thousand and one adventures.

The celestial event ended with the Dao agony. On his deathbed, the Emperor recalled the clan leaders and their works judged, sounding the victory of Jurgaghan clans, and Leng Wanli.

The Architect of the winter was satisfied with his children and thanked them. He revealed the true purpose of their heavenly tournament preparing his people to conquer Mornea. The heightened competition had pushed the cultural, intellectual and technical men well beyond that of other peoples.
Dao finally appeased and confident, surrendered his magical breath the last time. Wanli patriarch, master of secret knowledge, caught the breath of Dao and made it his.

The empire of Dao, now led by the Heavenly Council, became the Jade Triad. Clans swore on their honor to follow the three principles of Dao and put the interests of their nascent nation to their particular interests. Rivalries were still alive but respect the wishes of conquering Dao prevailed.

Each of the three major schools carried a symbolic name:
Wanli clan, composed of scholars and scientists, was renamed the name of Dao Breath. He imposed primarily a single language and established the triadic calendar.
The Leng clan, renowned for the value of its diplomats, adopted the name of Astral Serpent. He struck a universal currency, the Daoming.
The Jurgaghan clan, respected for the value of its warriors forged the Iron Heart. He created an efficient and rigid administration to assist the Council in its task heavenly.

The Astral Serpent made its motto the first principle of Dao: “Discover the world”. His Heavenly gathered around him dozens of men and women, and went into. They scoured length and breadth of Mornea, traced maps and knotted alliances with Aurloks the Khalimans and Naashtis.
Shipping Snake Astral mysteriously disappeared in 317. Their last message signaled their arrival on the borders of a vast desert east of Mornea. The disappearance of the Heavenly created unrest until a survivor of the expedition makes its appearance in Yu Cheng a year later. This young man named Hao was white as snow, starving and remained silent. He slept all the knowledge accumulated during his trip but said nothing about the fate of the Snake Astral travelers.
Hao became the new Heavenly and led his people to a new form of meditation based on the discretion and subtlety. He renamed his clan name of the Moon Blighted. As of this day, the identity of the Blighted Celestial Moon was also kept secret.

The Breath of Dao began under the second law of Dao, “Understanding the world” under the direction of the clan Wanli. They quickly created different scientific specialties such as astronomy, mathematics, medicine and physics. Their valuable knowledge begat alchemy. In 686, the young alchemist Dao Ling bent over the sacred stones whose basement was full Shenyan. They harbored great power and, even better, they were alive! Men now possess the power of the world in their hands. The Heavenly Heart of the Iron heart began to apply the principle of third Dao: “fight the world.” The Iron Heart enlisted and led all those who wanted to serve their country. Every citizen could learn the art of war and combat techniques inspired by iconic animals like the cobra, dragon, crane, mantis, the panda or tiger.

The Celestial sent, upon discovery alchemical stones, hundreds of explorers responsible for reporting alchemical stone deposits of the continent using markers baptized terminals jin.”
More than seven centuries after the death of Dao, men were finally ready to conquer Mornea. Triad assembled the heavenly host, and in 754, his legions departed to conquer the continent. The heavenly host progressed following the jin terminals. This was the beginning of the alchemical war.

The conquest of Oblaye Iste began with unequal weapons: Aurloks were convinced pacifists. The heavenly strategists, however, had neglected the diplomatic balance that existed previously on Mornea. The Khalimans once allied with Naashtis and sent their armies. The shock was terrifying. Frail children Dao won victory after victory.
While the Iron Heart Khalimans and held them exterminated Aurloks the Moon Blighted dealt a fatal blow to Naashtis.
The naashti ruled threat, Jade Triad decided to finish once and for all with Aurloks. The celestial army launched a massive offensive on Aurloks survivors gathered in the plains of Gigage Gadusi. Although they took wrong: when the assault was made at dawn, the soldiers of the heavenly host were faced with processed Aurloks war beasts by an unknown power.

While the war was raging in alchemical Oblaye Iste, Breath of the Dao school begat frightening chimeras in 766. The first experiments were not conclusive, but soon alchemists masters created a new breed of servants.
With the defeat of Gigage Gadusi the Breath of Dao Aurloks had discovered that in turn developed a form of alchemy. Some alchemists took this discovery as an affront. Excited by the prospects offered by the chimeras they tried their experiments on human beings. These alchemists did not receive the welcome they expected. Their creation was contrary to the philosophy of the Tao. Dao Breath of Heaven ordered the execution of alchemical mutants and dismantling workshops in their school. The dispute escalated and these renegades fighting broke out in the province of Xidai. Their rebellion ended in 806 when the alchemists and their followers crossed the mountains Morning in the west. Secessionists established thereafter the Kingdom of Avalon.

Triad jade, weakened from within, seemed unable to win the war alchemical. The Celestial abandoned, at least for now, to conquer Mornea. They proposed an armistice to Aurloks and Khalimans.

Men rebuilt their empire and studied the lessons of their mistakes. They made contact with all nations Mornea to forge economic ties. Creating many trading posts across Mornea led the construction of the Concorde channel from 1032.

Jade Triad has not abandoned the conquest of Mornea. She began the battle today as the diplomatic and economic angle. Control trade and resources back to take power, just as the conquest of the terminals jin in ancient times!