History of Avalon

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The birth of Avalon

Avalon is a nation that has always been opposed to its big sisters. Not only in the conflicts that continue to appear here and there, but mainly in the minds of the people who were always instilled this mistrust against the rest of Mornea. It has become a kind of second nature and everything is good to convey: the difficult living conditions in advanced civilization or major joint projects which it is regularly kept away. Historically, the Avalon history was made in the war and opposition with other peoples. And so it’s no surprise that it begins with a military defeat

So the battle of the Red Plain, halting the advance of the Jade Triad during the alchemical war is the origin of the creation of Avalon. Indeed, with the burgeoning alliance of Khalimans and Aurloks and reorganization of these, it does now spent more than a day without the Triad concedes number of territories and men. The generals succeeded then, but none were able to reverse the trend: the retreat of the day seemed as inevitable as the final defeat.

Only a Breath of Dao school offered a solution, but it seemed as risky as against nature extend experiments chimeras men and create an army of elite warriors reinforced alchemically. The idea, though attractive to extremists, caused a real scandal and even before any experiment is attempted, the Celestial declared outlawed the movement and contrary to Dao. The initiators of the project were invited very insistently to stop there. But, led by a mysterious alchemist native of the province of Xidai, Tao Chan Mon, this group was convinced that progress on chimeras and slaves were now reliable enough to open new opportunities and go to the next step.

Also, during the winter 804, the movement went underground and took the name of its first guinea pigs: Avalon. Always more popular, he settled on the lands of his point guard at the foot of the western mountains of the province of Xidai and soon what was once a small group of alchemists began to grow dramatically and as many warriors and other servants in it. For three seasons, they continued to pursue their project secret, enjoying their new recruits to sample the surrounding villages the raw material required for their sinister experiences. But Chan My knew only too well that things could not continue this way and that, sooner or later the authorities would learn the existence of what he himself had ended up calling the Temple: their secret laboratory. In the image of the organization of the Triad itself, he then created an order of warriors within its faithful soldiers of Avalon. He took the most talented and most experienced among them and made his praetorian guard and that of alchemists. Thus the Templar Order was born.

During the following autumn, in 805, disappearances had become too numerous and easily discovered the Celestial existence of Avalon. Their reaction was imperious, swift and brutal: they deployed an army to destroy the rebels. But Avalon, with its Templar and to be entrenched in its own mountains, boldly resisted and what should not be a punitive expedition quickly turned into war of position, taking a heavy toll on both sides. So much so that, in spite of herself, the cabal of alchemists had become the symbol of subversion and instability that Celestial is needed to eradicate at any cost to prevent others follow his example. The unit, now fragile, the Jade Triad was the price. My Tao Chan knew: mattered little time or number of dead soldiers to get there, the Celestial never cede and would end sooner or later drive them from their mountains.

My Chan then took the decision to flee with all his men from inside the mountains and let the Templars volunteers on hand to cover their escape. To his surprise, from the youngest to the last of their wounded, none agreed to go and all remained on site to do their duty. The leak was endless. In the middle of the cloaca and gloomy tunnels that roamed the basement of the mountains, the alchemists were progressing with difficulty. Only one thing was sure: they were not followed. The Order of the Temple was necessary.
After days or weeks, they arrived in a marshy area covered with mangroves seemed almost look at them with envy. Stale air, the roots as big as men, everything indicated that the area was unsafe. And yet exhausted, they stopped there for the night and brought first aid to the wounded and sick. In the morning, they were gone and it was not the full extent of leader of men capabilities Tao Chan My to avoid the little band from breaking up due to the backlash. To prevent them from thinking too much, it signaled the start and, without knowing where he was going, made them skirt the mountains to the north.

The suite is much more confusing and there seems to be as many versions as witnesses. But one thing is certain: in their journey, they encountered a giant tree, Beathacrann. It seemed both animated by a life of its own, like a heart beating in him, and about to die. My Tao Chan approached, and, on contact, trunk opened like a gaping mouth, dark, wet and covered with black sap streaks before closing the alchemist. While survivors of Avalon yielded to panic, laughter was heard creaking, and the tree opened again. Their former leader went out, but he had changed profoundly. Bigger, stronger, his body was covered with brambles, branches and other roots.

He looked at them all, then addressed them in these terms, the same that are etched forever in the Basilica of Ker-kastel

My Tao Chan is dead. I am now Caedmon. Today, my brothers, Avalon from leaking more. Thanks to the benevolent protection Beathacrann we will build us. As men and as a nation. And we will learn to Jade Triad that will stand still in front of her brave. And they will make him blow for blow! We are the realm of Avalon!

He then summoned the seven men and women with whom he had the most confidence and put a seed and told them she had the Tree of Life and was the missing ingredient in all their past and future research.
After three unique surviving Templars income and recreated order, he then undertook six of those elected to lead companies and base future baronies, then asked the seventh to build his castle and its capital, Ker-Kastel.

It was there 566 cycles.


The first felony

Since then, the order established by Caedmon has always held and stability of the kingdom was never really tested. The only exception to date in 1097 when a baron in the name long forgotten rose up against Marteus II, its king, he took wisdom for weakness. His peers were united against him then, hoping to share the crumbs from his stronghold but Marteus refused to parcel out its territory, too aware that this would mean abandoning the almost religious status of baronies, and thus allow to justify their ambitious future dreams of conquest and betrayal.
For punishment, the coat of arms were banned felon, before giving way to a plain black livery, his name and that of his fief removed from history. Its lands have long known as “the Barony Fallen“.