Here is the sourcelier

Jul 03 alkemy_the_game  


Reside on the island of Chora, is above all learn to live with pujlanar. And when is Bokor, we have to live with them, but also make them care.
After long sought a way to use alchemy to help them cope with their various mutations or reduce their pain without getting any real success, the Bokor were advised that their capacity might be more useful to protect themselves or guardians, underhanded attacks of some pujlanar. From this reflection are born sourceliers.

Designated among the most fearful of aspiring alchemists, or more cautious as they prefer to designate, the sourceliers spend long weeks a total asceticism on the rocky beaches of the Void to speak with the ocean and look for rocks or fluids suit their exercise. Once reached the necessary state of focus, they become able to focus very quickly to control malicious or aggressive impulses of pujlanar as any assailant.
It is this ability, despite their reluctance to approach those who remain their patients, which makes sourceliers unavoidable members of maritime expeditions for trading on the coasts of the great continent.