Hakan Ibn Suleman, The One-eyed

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

The fights were bent on Palace Square, but the guards held on. A large suleman then appeared, he easily wore a machine that others could only hang out with barely behind them and handed to the fighters. A stake was thrown which impaled along a guard and his attacker.

Hakam, tired of a life of little hand, went to Shaddukiam where he was recruited by an organization to the designs disorders … Red Scorpion. He performs for its dirtiest and cruel leaders of tasks and there was a name. A blood name that also brought him many enemies. Enemies in search of glory, who took his eye during a bloody confrontation in which he killed five unarmed assailants. But he made no enemies in the middle of one crime. Among the authorities of the Republic, a sheikh, Tarik Hunter, had then vowed to hunt down and do shut in the penitentiary of the Tooth.
Rather than flee it, Hakan chooses to change the course of his destiny and confronted Sheikh. But Tarik Ibn Malik was not a single diplomat. Just as the Aroui Sheikh, it is more of a warrior than a magistrate. Trained in the art of dance and fight as many der’wishs he Hakan neutralized at the cost of a fierce clash cutting his leg. He judged the rot and sent to the penitentiary of the Tooth for more than 7 cycles.

These seven cycles Penitentiary were however not so terrible for Hakan. His reputation preceding it, he was able to arrange a comfortable spot. And once eliminated those who thought they could dispute his power, he made the prison a resort, waiting patiently for someone to pick him up one day.