Fu Nihao, Captain of the Triadic Army

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Go invincible depends on itself but an opportunity to defeat the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.
ensures good fighter against defeat, but can not be certain of beating the enemy.
We can say that it is possible to know how to conquer without being able to do so.
Insurance against losses requires perfect defensive tactic even if victory requires an attack; but when you can not defeat prepare your defense.
Whoever remains on the defensive shows his lack of strength, one who attacks shows abundance.
The defense experts are hiding underground, experts in attack shine of all their fires. They are able both to protect and deliver fight until complete victory.
Thoughts, Volume 4, Fu Nihao

Captain Fu Nihao is one of the rising stars of the triadic army.
Reached the prime of life, this exceptional warrior combines the two most popular properties in the Iron Heart: martial talent and strategic expertise. Endowed with uncommon intelligence and model pupil of the greatest tacticians empire ever known, it is said that anticipates the strategy of the enemy before it has even begun to think about it. It also has no equal in adapting its operations to unexpected situations or sudden changes in the conditions of the battle. Draw up a secret plan or rely on improvisation is therefore of no help to face him.