Feng Sao of the School of the Long Breath

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

Do you get it! He will escape us more now, Baron growled. The soldiers came and their circle closed around him. They were waiting for the order of their leader who joined the sneer. Then he noticed the face of the alchemist. It was not a face of defeat on his face, but the amused smile of one who knows that he won When he got up moments later, Ser Albiss had no time to count his wounds, or to notice that his soldiers remained on the ground, inanimate, Sao Feng‘s men were already on him.

Sao Feng, the Breath of Dao is one of the few alchemists of the Jade Triad to have studied the teachings of the Long Sigh and Black Cloud, and have survived to brag about. Besides being a talented alchemist, this man with the shadowy character is also a talented fighter who uses his skills as a real sword occult.
Sao Feng needs no escort; his technique of “tornado sharp” allows him to get rid of his enemies bloody and dramatically. His enemies, whatever their size and thickness of their armor, find themselves thrown in all directions and lacerated by a supernatural wind sharper than the best steel blade. Sao Feng also through its own tornado at the speed of lightning, dazzling assénant blows to anyone looking to escape.
Carry weapons and armor is of no help deal with such a fighter; Sao Feng is the master when it plunges into the heart of enemy troops in serried ranks turtles playing on the battlefield. After its passage, there are only mown corpses by wind and scattered across the battlefield.