Ermadhi Guardian

Aug 19 alkemy_the_game  

Sculpted by Johan Chauvet – Painted by Barbouille

They are hunters, right? – It’s true. They stalk their prey in the blizzard to feed the cities of the north. Simple hunters, that’s what I say! Used to kill rabbits, nothing to do with soldiers. He rushed on Sorhna they protected and suddenly it was one of those fighters who was before him. But he had no time to ask him how he had done, the spear that pierced the already occupied all his thoughts.

In the snowy lands of the caliphate of White Dress, subject to semi-arctic climate, saw the line of Ermadhi: a minor lineage that dates back to the War of the three lines. Its founder Ibn Ermadhi Malikh chose exile in the far north of the Republic rather than participate in the internecine fighting. With his family, he built beneath the icy hills of cave cities, where they welcomed all who, like them, refused to help shed the blood of others Khalimans. Among these refugees were many members of the Sorhna lineage.

Become autonomous line for their merit, Ermadhi still live in the icy northern Republic Khaliman. They stand away from the daily life of the Senate because they feel they have better things to do than participate in these wordy power games. In this country subjected to biting cold where nothing can grow, Ermadhi the guards work hard to feed the underground cities: prey is scarce and often fierce, which led these Khalimans become hardened fighters. As Ermadhi also kept the vocation to host and protect fugitives, these warriors are also the guardians of underground cities and protectors of their guests. Sorhna members of the lineage that have fled the Sisterhood for mysterious reasons and they say they would harbor. But sometimes it is whispered by digging their cities, Ermadhi have discovered extraordinary alchemical vein stones, on which they would make sure jealously.