English forum for chronicles of Mornea

Sep 08 alkemy_the_game  

The Chronicles of Mornea are a gaming campaign organized each year on alkemy forum. This is a set of scenarios, connected by a story, offered to players. End of each month, the 2 best players qualify for the final tournament, a draw is held, 4 players receive vouchers.

At the beginning of each month from September to May, the scenario playing is shown on the forum in the “Chronicles of Mornea” section. You then play this scenario in your normal playing conditions (home, club, tournament …) and in the format that suits you (blitz, 201, 255, 300 …).
Once the scenario played, simply indicate your score and your opponent score on forum, the topic “game results to / current month /” and that’s all!

More explications here:

English Forum
We would like the international players to join chronicles, and we are looking for someone who could create a forum in English language. Alkemy forum already has an English section but the registration interface is in French, which is probably hard to encourage international players to sign up. We lack time to take care to create a forum in English. The idea is to replicate the French sections that there are about Alkemy forum. If someone wants to help us and knows the principle of creating a forum, thank you to contact at alchemist.miniatures@gmail.com

Alchemist Miniatures Team