Empire of Triad Jade map

Jul 21 alkemy_the_game  

Jade Triad occupies a vast area south of Mornea, the heavenly Wall to the north of the island Bingdi south of the White Forest to Forest of monkeys east to west.

Those who advance too quickly recede even faster.
Meng Fao, school of the Sun Crystal


Extract from the maxims of Meng Fao, school Long Sigh

Stop the evil before it exists; clear the mess before it breaks.
He who moves the mountains, this is the one that begins to remove small stones.
To defend you do not expect to be overwhelmed with the features of your opponent, or to have their eyes dazzled by his weapons.
The unequal value of things is in the nature of things.
If the remedy does not bear the trouble and disorder in the body of a patient, it does not operate healing.