Empire of the Jade Triad presentation

Jul 03 alkemy_the_game  

 “When one wants to know, are questioned. When we want to be able is studied. Review incessantly what you already know. Study constantly new. Then you will become a master. “

Men are descendants of Orhöm, the architect of winter. Gathered in the rich lands of southern Mornea, the first and most numerous of them founded the Jade Triad, an empire based on three pillars: the discovery, understanding and combat.

Throughout its tumultuous history, men have distinguished themselves by conquering ambition and ingenuity foolproof. They, in their bloody wake, bequeathed to some other peoples of their fabulous inventions: the calendar, currency, but above Alchemy. Has always regarded with great suspicion, they put Mornea knees and forever changed the face of history. No other people today can claim to have a military force so powerful and well trained. Only the alliance of other peoples formerly prevented the men to fulfill their destiny and conquer Mornea; while the specter of war reappears on the horizon, the Jade Triad is preparing to take revenge!