Disciple of the School of the Crystal Sun

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

While the men at arms fell into place, the young disciple jumped retrieve a component she felt at the foot of a bush and, throwing his breath, gave the Lightness of Windto the two who were near Shadows her and took advantage to slip quickly behind the camp.

The second disciple is equally promptly. Sao Feng was in intense concentration, the disciple went to collect a too remote component to the master and told him in an instant. Then he too breathed Lightness of Windon triadic Guards who fell upon the camp. Triadic swirled around Avalonians that seemed clumsy and transfixed.

The alchemists of the Sun Crystal privilege field experience with theoretical training. It is therefore common that they take their followers with them in battle or the disciples are doing spontaneously volunteered for military operations. Like their masters, the Sun Crystal’s disciples are intended to defend and support the group they accompany. Above all, they share without qualms alchemical components they have with their elders, including those of other schools, so they use them to the best use.
The disciples also share more limited knowledge but know that teachers put the power of the Air in practice with some ingenuity: they move along their troops with the lightness of the wind and even elusive in the heart of the fighting. They are messengers and great and allow their allies out of the inextricable intertwined minimizing losses. The presence of an alchemist of the Sun Crystal accompanied by his or her disciples greatly enhances the effectiveness of any unit of the heavenly host.