Desert Khergars

Jul 15 alkemy_the_game  

When the first leapt at his throat, the knight laughed and got rid of a violent blow to the muzzle. The second grabbed his arm and let go more. The third finally sank his fangs at the knee crease and the knight fell.
The collectors brothers had great difficulty in reconstituting a presentable body Beathacrann.

The fierce desert khergars are dangerous beasts that Khalimans generally try to avoid; living in arid stretches of desert Asfar, they went wild with hunger and harsh weather conditions.
This canine nomadic lives and attack in packs. If it feeds mainly on small animals (arnabs and other rodents of the desert), its ferocity and hunger prompted him to tackle larger or more dangerous targets.
Alone or in groups, a khergar never abandons the attack even if it is doomed to failure.

Some Khalimans however likely to approach them to prepare them by providing food and water. These trainers become formidable Belluaires Army of the Republic: they can simply point the finger as a target for khergars rush it and reduce it to shreds in seconds.

Since the opening of the Steel arena to the public, khergars are hunted by members of Cartel Sabre to participate in games. Some mercenaries take the opportunity to try to tame their behalf.