Deacon Leodegarius

Jul 21 alkemy_the_game  

The deacon entered his not dragging usual. He camouflaged his lips smile and greeted the Baron sketched a stiff nod. Sit Father, Sit! Your ointment did wonders to the Court. And our humm me say Queen smiled at the ball! The Erwen Blathaig Baron smiled. You are blessed by the Beathacrann, sire But you did not summon me only for that … Yes, yes You see, Leodegarius, I would like that a strong knight fell ill. Very sick. And promptly

The village of Beloch, like many others in the barony of Blathaig enjoys arable land where grow many plants not found elsewhere. Thus, its farmers are happy to sell their production to Obsius price. Its only peculiarity is that his deacon himself, Leodegarius, is a renowned herbalist. So these are all the surrounding villages who come often seek his help, or beg remedies and balsams. But the deacon, although convinced believer, is far from being solely motivated by any compassion he should feel for his flock. On the contrary, his ambition is limitless and that is without hesitation that he uses them to achieve his purposes. Similarly, it is not uncommon to be asked to produce more harmful concoctions, if not downright fatal, against hard cash – he hastens to achieve.
Rare time the Leodegarius deacon had to leave his office to accompany the troops of the barony, but after each one, the worst rumors about him. Yet it is rare for superstitious recruits gossiping about the messenger of the Church …