Dar~Meh’ki, vigil of Chim~Eth

Jul 03 alkemy_the_game  

Dar~Meh'ki, vigile de Chim~Eth

During his lifetime, Dar~Meh’ki was a vigorous patrol of Chim~Eth, who knew better than anyone the underground and pathways to the surface. He was shot by a Avalonian patrol of crossbow who were ignorant of what they were shooting. Brought back into the citadel by its Aar~Zey who had massacred the patrol, he was incarnated in an Ouroboros.
Dar~Meh’ki wants much to Avalonians thus have ended his cycle of evolution and sentenced her Aar~Zey to remain sheltered in Al~Eph. His resentment translates into zeal in monitoring of the city, particularly in root growth of Beathacrann. This monitoring has another reason, he stubbornly seeks a tree seed, convinced that merging it with the ouroboros that serves as its body, it could resume its cycle.