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In the beginning there was nothing. Emptiness. An immeasurable void, obscure.
From there was born the great intuition. The persistent idea that there must be something. A powerful feeling, an absolute will to create. And she appeared. Born from its own resolution to exist, it was. This was done simply, and that’s all that matters.

Primordial Chaos
Primordial Chaos, by Judy Racz

She awoke slowly from the mists of this nothingness and as It became aware of herself, she became more powerful.
Surrounded by darkness She wanted to bring some sparkle to this universe so dull. She created the stars, thousands, millions to pierce the oppressive darkness. She created the multiple colors and the night was studded with small red lanterns, yellow, blue and white.
Thus was born the dawn and she could finally distinguish every corner of his new domain.

She looked at his creation with happiness, hypnotized by the small colored fireflies gas. But that is not enough it. This animation was missing.

She decided it was time to colonize this vast universe.
She created a world first, Printeps which wealth of all kinds are legion She fashioned creatures who would enjoy eternally. Millennia passed but nothing happened and his toy bored. This did not please him.

She then created a second world Hecateps, the harsh environment where both races would compete constantly for his good pleasure. This for a time, an eternity of battles on his behalf. But ultimately, the bickering and ongoing wars between his new toys bored. This did not please him.

She created a third, then a fourth, more, She fashioned according to his desires, more beautiful or more whimsical than each other. But all his creations seemed unfinished him insipid. It seemed that none came to life. All lacked a little spark that could ignite their soul and make it a truly unique creation.

She stopped her work, a tired moment. There in the vacuum of his world, she began to think. She waited. An eternity for his creations, a moment for her.



Then the shadows of his thoughts eventually dissipate and it appeared that it seemed like a strong idea. She began by first shaping a new world and she named the Mornea as he pleased. His soul, his essence is the most subtle and most beautiful of all worlds. She knew it.
Finally she began to add the ingredient from which it thought he could finally give life to his new toy: It thus created the time. The time would come changes, and changes the world’s beauty that could finally flourish under his eyes.
This pleased him.
Finally, it shows a new sensation felt in the depths of its essence: the excitement, drunkenness. The disturbance of the intoxicated by its creation.
He now had to experience this new concept of temporality. She certainly could not try it herself, time would have no hold on it.


She decided to create four beings, four designers, architects, each with its peculiarities and a portion of his divine essence.

She created first Khalim, the feline body, brave and loyal like her.
She then created Naash, the snake body, wise and patient as her.
She then created Aurlokan, the gnarled body, generous and dreamy as she.
Finally, She created Orhöm, the featureless, curious and versatile as Elle.

She gave them each a life, a defined existence. A life to shape his creation, his world, and help paint the soul to flourish. She told them that She would their lives about to be completed in order to admire their task done.
Then she retired for the first and only time, satisfied.

The four designers set to work, and according to His will, a world modeled as they wish, and indeed in His image.
The first upheavals and transformations appeared.
Time passed and the creations of four began to change in cycles that evoked the nature of each.

Khalim was the first to shape rivers, plains covered budding plants and trees. This was the first time Mornea: spring.
Khalim loved the colors that gave rise this first season. The new scents and some first animals.
Mornea born of nothing and he was proud.

Then Naash continued the work of his brother, finding that these achievements had first beson evolution yet. He summoned a sun TheBus, gently warm up Mornea during its second season: summer.
Heat invades the surface of Mornea, new animals appeared. Naash seemed satisfied.
Vint Aurlokan who found that all these landscapes lacked contrast. So he covered the trees of beautiful colors, more conducive to daydreaming and melancholy. Mornea lived his fall. Aurlokan loved walking through the forests and fields being turned to contemplate the beauty of the world he fashioned with his brothers.

Oröhm Finally, seeing no change for the better how all these aspects, decided by simple spirit of contradiction, erasing during a time of pure neutral. He created the night, the moon would be queen Hannah and Mornea plunged into winter.
The animals slept during the season created by Orhöm and it pleased him to contemplate his work in peace.


Time passed and, season after season, allowing everyone to enjoy, over these, all aspects of their work. And they could see how the weather was fine, because it allowed to vary the tables of the world, Mornea throughout the same life.
They loved to contemplate their work, leaving spinning cycles for everyone to drag on before work.

The time, he continued his work peacefully. But the task of Architects was still in its infancy and living well underway. But they were all captivated by the wonderful job they were performing.

The fresco glass

After several cycles, however Architects took the measure of the flow of time. Suddenly there appeared to them how it could be unfair. Each architects had to wait three seasons to admire his work but during this wait, their life was spinning.

They decided together to find a solution to remedy this situation. Find a way to complete the task that She had entrusted to them.

Long their minds wandered in search of an idea. It suddenly appeared to them as obvious. They would freeze the seasons on a table. The time stopped as well, it would be possible to contemplate Mornea and finish their work at leisure.

Khalim went into the wilderness and brought a multitude of sand grains. The purest and whitest sand he could find.
Naash warmed grains and obtained a large plate of a translucent glass without any imperfection.
Aurlokan collected from the heart of Mornea hues, bright colors, pastels that would allow them to paint on glass.
Orhöm fresco prepared by polishing the glass and making it as smooth and thin as a sheet of paper.


Everyone then chooses a color palette to paint his season. Shades of deep blue for spring Khalim, flamboyant prints for carmines summers Naash, subtle nuances of ocher for autumns of Aurlokan and a wonderful variation of white and gray for the winters of Orhöm .
Each put his heart into the making of the work, incorporating some of its essence. The same one they received from Her.

This table could thus remain eternal. And frozen seasons, time stopped.

Architects went back to work, creating a more varied flora and fauna for a larger populate these vast areas and bring a little more life to the Mornea fresco. This era lasted infinitely. How Selenes, seasons, cycles? Time absent, did not say.


The breaking of the fresco

But although life that She offered to architects had not yet come to an end, she chose to return, eager to discover the work of children.
So one day, she returned. Eager to discover her work she seethed to see the fruit of their labor.

But what she discovered displeased him.

The beings to whom she had sent a part of its essence, those in whom she had placed his trust, his hopes had cheated. They were granted the right to manipulate time, his work!
How could they dare to manipulate and change what she had created with so much love!

Furious, she seized the Fresco, it permeated all the bitterness and all the anger that ran at that moment, and then she broke the glass Fresco by projecting it onto a huge mountain, also breaking the same time the semblance of immortality
that had acquired the four. The Fresco flew into a myriad of more or less large pieces that were scattered and failed everywhere on Mornea.
The larger fragment was a part on which all the colors of the seasons were present. He came down to the foot of a young tree growing near the mountain on which she had broken the glass mosaic.

As they touched the ground, all the debris from the Fresco melted and passed into the depths of the ground


The curse

Once the broken fresco scattered, she turned to them.
His ire was uncontrollable. No one had understood the value of sacrifice that it was important to do to give a soul to the world. This put her out of her.
She swore that they should all pay the price for their treachery and she cursed each of his children as well as their creation. Only their sacrifice would have a chance to repair their treason and avoid condemnation of this new world that She had worked so hard to conceive.
She was silent for a long silence that seemed like an eternity, scrutinizing each of her children from a burning look. Then again she let time do its work and left Mornea, leaving her four children to their inevitable end.