Countryside Priest

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

Did you notice that our priests always have a special smell that accompanies them wherever they go? Either fresh smell of humus, or the reassuring scent of oak or the invigorating fragrance of wet grass. Could this be due to their blessing by Beathacrann?
Yeah … It’s probably called being in the odor of sanctity.

When secular army moves, few religious to accompany him. The bishops are often too at home in their comfortable alcoves travel kilometers to go in the putrid mangrove Delta Ciar or risk their lives away from their basilicas. However, it would seem inconceivable that the Church Avalonian does not support the faithful and does not send his guards watch over their faith, cause some miracles and especially keep abreast of affairs of state. This role is then up to what could be likened last among the religious: Country priests.
Usually from the poorest families, the mighty men of Beathacrann do not mind as long to perform their task as best they can. Most just suffer from not having this facility to not feel concerned by the problems of recruits or rafters and therefore sometimes hesitate between what benefits the Church and which benefits his followers.
But at the heart of the fighting, those doubts disappear. This is no time for theological issues and ethics, it is no more than save lives. At this moment all their faith boils down to this simple alternative: to help the servants of the tree of life to triumph, drawing its attention and commitment by fervent hymns or refuse to assist them while they sacrifice themselves for the kingdom. So many men of rank owe their lives to prayer stones or the litany of brambles of a country priest. The soldiers eventually learn it and they always approach the men of faith, feeling less vulnerable with them and ready to follow how far they deem worthy of getting.