Convicts of the Tooth

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

Three cycles! They had been locked up for three cycles and owed their survival to the fact that they had appealed to Hakan. They were vicious and ruthless, real hatred balls dropped into the arena of the penitentiary for the pleasure of their master. Today they finally wandered freely in the caliphate. But they still had to express such hatred

The Bagnards up the bulk of the prison population Penitentiary Dent. They are locked here for all have committed one of the most taboo of crimes Khaliman society since the war lines: tooth crime. Ie a blood crime.
All prisoners of the penitentiary to their credit one or more more or less violent murders. Dent and has within its walls a beautiful bunch of more or less bloodthirsty psychopaths. They are incarcerated there, far from the Republic, in part because they represent a danger to the public but also especially because the company Khaliman put them under the ban.
Since the unspeakable civil war that tore the Republic, killing a fellow has become a taboo for Khalimans. This taboo has created a comfortable situation for those sentenced: there is no capital punishment in the Republic. No sane Khaliman would accept the role of executioner, realizing thereby in a sense guilty of the same crime as the convicts.