Constable Lotharius of the Temple of Vespers

Jul 21 alkemy_the_game  

It’s in the mud of marshes that your arms ressourceront. It’s in the mud of marshes they prove their strength. It’s in the mud of marshes that your plugins find their resources. It’s in the mud of marshes that your enemies will disappear. It’s in the mud of the marshes I engloutirai you myself if you back.
Greeting the constable Lotharius novices.

Male Age wall, betrays all the Templar in Lotharius: his strict and martial appearance, his broad shoulders and strong arms, his haughty and inflexible harbor No surprise therefore if his men easily identify with him and obey him the finger and the eye. His thick patriarchal beard is made even more bushy by the action of graft Beathacrann, which also seems to bind his arms arm and its massive sword into a mass of vines and brambles.
But as everyone in Kastel Kumaraid the constable has a secret that could harm them. In opposition to his wishes, he saw a discreet relationship with the Baroness Ivoa lady. Aware both of what they might, the two lovers are trying somehow to deceive, not hesitating if necessary even murder for it.