Constable Lotharius of the Temple of Vespers

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Its his sword? He forged himself Kastel Kaerta with the help of the master blacksmith. He has designed each undulation in the image of its plugins to add to the hypnotic effect of its silhouette. But this is not the place to look at is its most dangerous left hand!

Drawing Jérôme Muscat – Sculpture Johan Chauvet Barbouille Painting

Like the other two monasteries, Compline is headed by a bailiff at the top of its hierarchy. Guarantor of the Rule and responsible lay brothers as well as soldiers of the Temple, Ser Macsen delegates for two cycles its military role has its Seneschal, the highest ranking officer.
Since the 1369 cycle, indeed, and the curse that has befallen Coelon, the Monastery of Compline no longer has only one Seneschal, Déicolus.

Originally from Klarmen, the order had returned after his many successful campaigns on the Empire’s border. Far from taking a rest which he did not aspire, Déicolus ran an eye expert‘s work Obsius. It was during this negative cycle in 1369, shortly after the death of the king, he was called in Coelon. His reputation was to put an end to rumors that the Templars were moving and overwhelmed the bailiff.
It took him some time to recover novices in step. But, despite his long solitary trips into the mists that cover the arms of Ciar, he could not solve the mystery of the disappearance of the king. Convinced that the bailiff is hiding information, it keeps this failure as a task to its reputation. It was decided to conduct its own game to prevent falling into the Temple of the intrigues of the court.