Choker of Dal~Eth

Oct 26 alkemy_the_game  

In their first stages of evolution, Pes~Hat issued from the sublimation of their predecessor, the Naashtis have to accumulate experience through observation and reflection. Taking advantage of their large size and great strength, they accomplish difficult tasks and military jobs.
It behooves the Chokers to protect and monitor access to the wells and communication tunnels between the citadels. Their patrols, both inside and outside, provide them many opportunities to enhance their knowledge of other peoples of Mornea.
In a sense, one could consider them as children trying to discover the world. This could explain their mood or the ease with which they can break their toys.
But this is only one aspect of it, they are also custodians of some of the memories of those who birthed them. The Chokers are selected from Pes~Hat who have no memory of hatred towards the surface. They can carry out their role and begin their evolution without being overwhelmed by feelings of revenge. Except where the Jade Triad is concerned!