Children of Architects

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Abandoned Khalim, Naash, Aurlokan Orhöm and found themselves together. They strolled long, silent, gazing Mornea. The anger of their creative echoed in their minds and soon they had hardly conceive that they would be there to enjoy their work. This plunged them into disarray.

While they were there, walking among the landscapes they created, lost in thought, Orhöm intervened. The anger and misunderstanding earned it. He had given everything for him and he could not bring himself to leave Mornea die. He could not think that his life has been for nothing. That the frustrait. The other three shared that feeling.
Aurlokan, always thoughtfully turned to the others. The eyes turned skyward, he addressed them in a whisper. Why not create offspring in turn? Witnesses who could benefit from their work. They still had enough power to last an act of creation. Why not create beings in their own image?
All found this fantastic idea … And at the mention of this, everyone’s mind escaped …

While everyone was about to leave his side, Naash, the wisest of the four, addressed his brethren. Although the idea of descent found an echo in his heart, he could not forget, however, anathema launched by their creator. he recalled
each terms thereof. None of them had completed the sacrifice She was waiting for the soul of his world finally take life.
If they wanted to lift this curse, they would sacrifice their divine essence in the act of creation they had in mind. Khalim approved the wisdom of his brother, and Aurlokan Orhöm remained silent.

Finally, each set on its side, decided one way or another to give meaning to their work.

Khalim headed north and went to sit next to a large lake at the foot of steep hills north of Mornea. He spent a long night thinking, letting his mind wander in the reflection of her face in the water.
In the morning, the enlightened mind, Khalim had created four finely carved bowls filled with lake water. He spent an entire week sitting, surrounded by the four basins. For hours he remained sitting there, talking quietly, calmly. He thus telling the world and covered basins seemed little shivers while the flow of his words continued. As the days progressed and the quivering waves on the surface of basins became strong. The last days, while the sound of the voice of Khalim was still laid, water basins seemed to boil, ready to spring into a huge geyser. Then at dusk the seventh day … Khalim fell to the ground, while four forms feline soggy approached him …
The Khalimans were born.

Naash disappeared west of Mornea. He enlisted in the mountains, in a maze of rocks. He eventually landed in the deepest bowels of the mountains, far to the west, in the middle of the ocean, where the fire became liquid. He domesticated fire mountains in a huge pit to view his creative power. He then spent many weeks to collect her thoughts and collecting all his knowledge and breathed everything contained his mind to the stone itself. Then tired, he went near the lava pit and gave its essence as an offering to the fiery element. A murmur was heard then, a long whistle and smoke escaped from the well. Two serpentine forms blackish then appeared
The Naashtis were born.


Aurlokan took the direction of the east. There, he knew he would find great plains dotted with forests and some mountains. A decoration quite favorable to his purpose. Arriving after dark there he headed one of the most beautiful wetlands of it. There he took in his hands beautiful pieces of peat and fashioned according to his desire to small forms. Many, gnarled like him. And he raved a little more with each hour of the night that flowed at the beauty of his ultimate creation. In the morning, he had made eight. Four were male and four females. Then he brought them to the plains that his deeds may dry in the sun. It took a whole day and then all the attention of a father for the forms finally snort and take vien.
The Aurloks were born.

Orhöm traveled long before choosing to land at the foot of mountains of southern Mornea. Isolated from his brothers. He ruminated endlessly His words and it‘s especially annoyed that She can decide as well to curse despite all they had done to him was dedicated. However, he managed to win the peace when landed in the mountains. The violent wind whistling around him could take anything. But he chooses to afflict him to bend to his will that element, as would with all who dare challenge him now. Wind around him, he shaped a multitude of small beings in his image, his subjects. He ordered them to multiply and go wherever the wind would carry them. Those who wished could stay with him to serve him.
Men were born.