Chen Sze

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The beauty on all fours, it can be a deer; two-legged beauty, a stork; beauty does not depend on the number of legs. Death on four legs, it can be a tiger; death without legs, a cobra; death does not depend on the number of legs.

Proverb Dongdai

The beauty of your death, depends only on Chen Sze.

Aphorisme populaire

Sculpted by Florent Kristner, painted by Elethorn

The nickname given to one of the fiercest shadows of the Moon is Blighted “Chen Sze.” The enemies of the Jade Triad know his mask and legend surrounding his character; some say he killed her but she always comes back. Many women may have put his smiling mask over the cycles but no evidence to support this hypothesis has come so far. The enigma remains intact around the mysterious champion of the Moon Blighted.
Chen Sze is anyway an outstanding warrior endowed with breathtaking agility. The precision of his blows easily finds the weak point of any armor and acrobatics are worthy of a daughter of the wind. Accompanied shadows and whispers of the Moon Blighted, it becomes an incarnation of carnage and crossed the battlefield by carving a path of blood in his way.
Chen Sze is rumored, a woman of passion. Sometimes benevolent, sometimes ruthless, it would seek to achieve revenge personally. No one knows the object of his wrath or his nemesis but one thing is certain: such personal considerations are contrary to the commitments of abnegation and discretion that take the Blighted Shadow of the Moon.