Cheikh Araoui ibn Khalid

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The grass area, Kastel Kernan had returned to calm since the arrival of the delegation Khaliman. The various parties had been heard in the dispensary of the head of the guild of herbalists. Everyone had gone to his partial truths, exposing his story and his complaints. […]

Xi Shao was satisfied. He was convinced that his arguments can be convincing Sheikh and that judgment would be given in his favor: the most delicate elements had been carefully kept silent and Avalon was unable to mention them. But when Sheikh Khalid ibn Araoui spoke, he held a most surprising about:
“Justice is like a silver coin, one side always asserting the detriment of the other. My duty is to ensure that every time this piece falls on the wafer. The sachem of the tribe Rock Sea will be happy to know that you care to make him that rare copy of seaweed. “

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Araoui grew up in the desert Asfar, where he lived for several cycles as Tuareg. Noticed by kabircheikh Hakim Ibn Khalid as much for his discernment for his oratory skills, he was integrated into the body of the sheikhs after rapid training. This unusual path made of a very special Araoui Sheikh: Khaliman desert, it is prudent and circumspect. This former Tuareg is never separated from his bow, he also knows how to use with great skill. This is an individual who knows how to be a diplomat while being very direct.
Although still young, he knew hierarchically climb faster than any other sheikh, which does not fail to offend his more conservative colleagues. It is often regarded as one of the protected kabircheikh Hakim Ibn Khalid, which is not entirely false.
At Shadukiam we murmur qu’Araoui is probably to replace his guardian when he is old enough to leave office. The person does not care about those rumors: for now, he is content full of his current life that fills his love of travel while satisfying his taste for strained or risky situations.