Chamra the Possessed

Aug 18 alkemy_the_game  

It was in the days of the mothers of our mothers, or maybe their mothers to them. At that time the world was young, small, the world was young and asked only grow.
Dates grew four times per cycle, big and sweet, the prickly pears had no thorns and wadis were never dry.
In a small oasis of Jaabal Janub lived pretty Shamra. The caravans who carried the salt is not wanting to stop to ask his family hand of the girl. His mother always refused, on the pretext of his age, to the chagrin of young dealers.
A boy named Fuwad yet found his heart. Despite the supervision of his elders, he managed to give him an appointment in the mountains. At first light of Hannah, Shamra ran to join him.
The two teenagers spent a night construct many plans of escape and to dream of their future life. In the morning, they finally surrendered to the evidence, they could live without the blessing of their parents and returned smiling to the oasis.


Their absence had unfortunately been noted and families were torn apart throughout the night. When they arrived at the camp, and Shamra Fuwad could not even collect the last breaths of their parents. They carried the bodies one by one until the rock that had sheltered their dreams and covered them with stones.
In the silence of the night, they lay side by side on the mausoleum erected and they are abandoned their last forces.
TheBus at sunrise, Shamra awoke. The elongated creature at his side had nothing to do with the young Fuwad. He no longer had any physical substance, yet radiated an inhuman force. The spirits of all the buried bodies were concentrated in him. Shamra screamed and demanded to be taken too.
For eight Selenes, the creature refused. The insistence by Shamra was finally due and minds parted and fled to the mountains. The spirit of Fuwad departed last, slowly, then Shamra fell upon him and absorbed.
Since Shamra wandering the mountains in search of the spirits of his parents, a strange light ruby ​​in the eye.
The mountains took a new name in her memory, the Monts Spirits, the Jaabal Ifrit.