Alkemy Kickstarter: The complete starter box!

Sep 16  alkemy_the_game  

In Starter box, there will be: 6 khaliman miniatures, 8 triadic miniatures, the “desert khaliman” battlemat with 6 scenery sets, rulebook, profile cards and combat cards, scenario book, dice, alchemy tokens, jin posts tokens, measure tape and erasable felt. Unfold […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: Shipping charges and language versions

Sep 15  alkemy_the_game  

We looked for less costly shipping solutions. Thus, we will propose the following shipping costs for the starter box: France / Belgium / Luxembourg : €6 – Europe (Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom) : €10 – Other […]

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Interview with Nicoleblond by Mellal

Sep 10  alkemy_the_game  

On Sunday 3rd July the Alkemy final was held in Sartrouville (78). This was my fourth participation and every time, the Alchemist Miniatures team has surprises. This year, before the announcement of the results, they explained that a second Kickstarter […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: Nas~Far’k, defender of Dal~Eth for Naashtis!

Sep 08  alkemy_the_game  

Concept by Tania Sanchez Fortun Warning, a heavyweight hero will come on battlemat! Nas~Far’k is a Pes-Hat, a large size Naashti (size 3), as well as Choker of Dal~Eth. 11 Life pionts, 6 in Combat, Frightening 14, a Damage table […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: 3 ondins!

Sep 07  alkemy_the_game  

Concept by Louis, colorization by Stéphane Lamirand These creatures invoked by Litam Bint Sorhna are fragile, 6 Life points and 9 in Defense, but they will defend themselves with 3 in Combat and a Damage Table of 1 2 2 […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: Litam Bint Sorhna for Sorority & Fadela !

Sep 06  alkemy_the_game  

Concept by Louis, colorization by Stéphane Lamirand With the Mornea chronicles of 2016/2017 (organized game on Alkemy forum), the players unlocked the sub-faction of Khalimane Republic: Sorority & Fadela, with the first character: Litam Bint Sorhna. She is an alchemist […]

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Alkemy Kickstarter: 3 Crow Wind-Warriors for Aurlok Nation!

Sep 04  alkemy_the_game  

Concepts by Benoît Dellac (left and right), colorization by Tobias (center) They have been waiting for a long time. They are quick and stealthy! Movements of 5 inches for walking, 7 inches for charge attack and 12 inches for running, […]

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Alkemy, a second kickstarter

Jul 12  alkemy_the_game  

Alchemist-Miniatures team has the project to launch a second crowfunding project via Kickstarter after the summer holidays, in order to finance: – A basic box to start Alkemy – Packaging of starters, blitz lists and individual blisters – New products […]

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Black Friday

Nov 23  alkemy_the_game  

Alkemy Black Friday operation from friday 00:00:01 to saturday s23:59:59. Miniatures, game stuff, books, the entire online store at -25% ! 🙂

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English forum for chronicles of Mornea

Sep 08  alkemy_the_game  

The Chronicles of Mornea are a gaming campaign organized each year on alkemy forum. This is a set of scenarios, connected by a story, offered to players. End of each month, the 2 best players qualify for the final tournament, […]

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