Captain Lee Ping of the Xi-Yì militia

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

You saw during the battle? It seems impossible to attain … and even direct hits do not seem to hurt him. It seems that his doctor claimed insensitive to pain, by an anatomical oddity. That would be why nothing can stop it.
Really? Me, I was told that he had received a blessing at birth, which would ensure him not fear the blows.
It is said in any case it is illustrated in the army many times! I’m really proud to serve under him!

Captain Lee Ping, militia Xi, is a veteran who inflicted and received more injuries than other soldiers could see in ten lifetimes. While it has long been the jade load that would allow him to join the heavenly host and claim for higher office, Ping Lee prefers to sacrifice his career and stay in his hometown. It thus ensures the delicate balance that exists between the Triad jade and Avalon, and itself forms the warriors who would take up arms if war broke out again between the two nations.