Capitaña Evhan, concept for Utopia

Aug 20 alkemy_the_game  

Capitaña Evhan, concept pour l'UtopieConcept by Thomas Verguet

From his early years in Port Salvador or its maiden voyage during the expedition back, no one speaks. The history of the Capitana begins with the men she meets around it and ship it made them build.
The Fronde des Mers drew jeers from the other captains until they see browse and then the legend has made Capitana qu’enfler. It is said, in the slums of Port that it was free to drill Forteza, guardian of Chora, with hunters harponnière legends.
But what drives men to board at her side is that it is one of the few openly oppose Saar Cossa. Unless the rich holds of the ship are either for something …