Avalonian Retiarus

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

I say to you: the best time is when it finally understands What can do anything … There’s beautiful s’débattre like a fish out of water, y’fait that tighten the embrace of my graft on its pauv lil life! For sure, the j’pourrais kill quickly but J’Peux not help but make it last a little, to savor the moment a little bit longer. The best is when there r’marque this and that to believe that I hesitate. The cellar, y’se gives hope. It was then that I put the coup de grace. Zounds, I love serving Beathacrann!

The cycles were beautiful pass some abominations recall the same origin Avalon: a small group of alchemists extremists who wanted to experiment on human guinea pigs the same manipulations on chimeras. Chief among these are the retiarii, true half-human, half-plant creatures who act as skirmishers on the sidelines of enemy armies.
Surpassing other a good head or two the retiarii almost resemble towering soldiers, powerfully built and usually sporting a smile as vicious bloodthirsty. But their graft, a giant tentacle plant, reminds everyone that they are not humans long ago.

Indeed, retiarii are one of many creations of Avalonian Church. Still children, they are recruited from the most violent and the sturdiest of urchins, sometimes sold by parents who believe in making future Templars, and then are subjected to a treatment which no one dares to speak. Saturated with the love of Beathacrann and fed the same vital fluid of the tree of life, they usually become much stronger and swift as their peers, at the cost of irritability and ever-increasing fury. Their training usually ends with the ceremony – that would look more like a display of officiating butcher if there was not a guardian of the faith – where grants them their graft. Their body then ends to modify, giving them a force comparable only to that of giants but also causing their pain as it plunges into some madness. The others control somehow, feeling no pleasure in fear that their allies as enemies when the sickle to cut the head of those they tangled in their monstrous tentacle.