Avalonian Pilgrim

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But I had told him not to attack the priest, but he only saw the fragility of the man of faith. When targe stopped his blade, he wondered. When the plague fell upon his face, he was no longer thinking. Shut up and let me treat teeth that the pilgrim has left him

In Avalon and elsewhere, it is often better to be born noble and rich as poor peasant. But the nobility of the kingdom includes many totally different fates. Thus, like the knight errant is a life that has little in common with that of a local potentate, the pilgrim is generally unenviable.
Tradition has it that the first boy to be born of each family to take the path of weapons and participated in the defense of the realm by joining the prestigious Order of Knights. The other son, according to their affinities and obsessions of their father, have to some extent much less responsibility and more freedom than their elders. Yet sometimes even if it is not to retain the title, some of them also want to defend Avalon and participate in the family effort. The opportunities available to them so however much less shining than their big brother: they have the choice between joining the soldiery and therefore fight without graft, as second-class patriots, or become a novice of the Temple, thus abandoning their own lineage to come and swell the ranks of anonymous servants of one of the monasteries.

Given the impossibility to realize their dream, the most determined choose to become pilgrims. They then returning clerics service and serve as their bodyguard, taking unnecessary risks to ensure their safety and prove their value. Like the knight errant has a graft but no land, peregrine indirectly owns land but no graft and will do everything in his power to keep his master alive. Indeed, only its survival proves the courage of the young man and gives him a chance to be offered one day the precious seed.

It lacked a bodyguard to Avalonian faction, the Pilgrim effectively fills this gap. Leave it to within 2 inches of a figurine to be protected and this is the pilgrim who goes wild:
Guard allows him to take the place of that figure;
Expert (Parade) offers him a fourth dice to parry the blow and return a;
No Fault and eventually drive the point where the jet of the opponent is really too good

In short, it will become difficult to attack the non-combatants of Avalon Heroes!


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