Avalonian Crossbowmen

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

But so tidy your blade, kid, you’re gonna cut you! You want a real man of weapon? So take the straw that t’servent arm and grabs so that big crossbow good wood shaft. With that, guaranteed, you’re going to rain death on your enemies Huh? Ben obviously it is heavy, small! The weight is the power: with s’machin you can slay two clowns with a stroke, juror. You m’crois not? You you these two, running towards us with their knives? Open up your peepers: I‘ll show you how that j’fais


If rafters receive only the best treatment that recruits, they owe in large part to two things: the cost of equipment and training it requires. But those are the only ones to consider recruits differently, most general making only few cases of this charging point or crossbows. The main thing is that enough tiles come upon the enemy when they choose.
The rafters are, like the recruits, the son of the people since become weapons business professionals. Like them, they can be selected or be seen to impose, but for most, they have neither the desire nor the ability to always go back. Still, at one time or another someone has seen fit to entrust them with these powerful crossbows and ensure that they learn to use it. For some this may be due to a certain ease in shooting, or just with a predisposition to discipline, in others the desire to keep a little longer alive in the fray them away. Thus, one does not count the other children bastards and value servants enlisted in the ranks of archers.

However, their effectiveness on the battlefield is far from being feigned, especially if they are exalted by a country priest. When enough of, whether their shots are not more accurate or that their courage has nothing to that of a noble, their number is enough. Indeed, when they do not force enemy units to retire, they usually manage to sufficiently constrain or block for the recruits, or Knights Templar can pick as many overripe fruit.