Avalonian Colossus

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

The forest seemed to be opening before me and what I had taken for a deformed tree began to move at a slow pace. My companions still had not noticed, but the decline Avalonian recruits made them look up. I saw pale as I felt all my hair stand on end. This thing had been a man, but what had they done to him? When its mass fell between us, I realized that the time was not subtle questions

The Avalonian colossus, with retiarii, the other main aberration that regularly use the kingdom’s armies. Making the size of at least two men, his name is all but usurped: his arms are as big as a tree trunk and thighs as wide as the bust of a knight. His overall appearance, gigantic, grotesque plant also is similar to the monsters people whose stories for children. But on the battlefield, facing their worst fear, it is indeed adults – not the least brave – taking their legs to their necks rather than confront the brutal colossus.
Other works by the Avalonian Church, the colossi are recruited from the same population as the retiarii: poor children that no regret and everything indicates that they will become real forces of nature. We then floods the force of Beathacrann favors, until they can no longer absorb without dying. It goes without saying that the errors are numerous.

It thus strengthens the alchemically to saturation and then gives them a large number of seeds that change irreversibly the body of the child, developing muscle mass as quickly as reduced intellectual capacity. But the result is there: these creatures are resistant to pain that would have floored many Templars, can knock down a wall of a punch and are largely able to turn the tide of a battle.
However, their use is tightly controlled by the Church: a colossus control is not easy and it is essential that, once dead, his body returns to Beathacrann so that its seeds and its sap is returned to him. It is not rare that they are surrounded collectors brothers.