Avalonian Bushwhacker

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

You understand what he says lord?
I know nothing.
V’z f’tes gaf‘. I’m gonna cer of the pier ‘.
Make my brave! That these recruitment and training sessions are long and monotonous To say that I must now attend demonstrations of rabbit hunters. What will we be able to do much of that in our party?
Gaff !
Monseigneur Monseigneur? do you hear me ? Would you like me to withdraw the stone of your forehead?

Chosen from all that people can count hunters and other poachers touts act as scouts and light infantry (as opposed to retiarii). They thus operate in the vicinity of the opposing army, taking advantage of their local knowledge and their relative flexibility to retrieve vital information there or to attack strategic targets but not defended. Thus touts Cumasc have made a specialty to pick up the enemy‘s innermost secrets where those Brall and especially Klarmen are real saboteurs awaiting any opportunity to poison her food or paralyze logistics .
If Avalonian strategies are often as direct as brutal (and for good reason: the troops could see it as a weakness and morale suffer), touts are generally those that allow the creativity of a general to speak and to make it a little thinner than everything goes according to his plan. Here is why these troops, although qu’issues the people, are often treated with the utmost respect, and that apart from the most foolish or less seasoned strategists, they have much more value that n ‘ seems.
But as often in Avalon, few people to look beyond appearances and arrive at this conclusion. The relative fragility of these units once hostilities have actually started doing they seem to most often of mix food or an officer’s whim. Indeed, the touts are certainly very mobile, but their lack of protection made easy targets and their meager fronds allow them at most to harass the enemy, hoping that reinforcements will arrive before they are caught.