Avalon Templar

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logo_templeThe temple…
It is known throughout Mornea, although opinions differ about it. For some, it is a myth, for others a formidable enemy, or the hope of a better life for some. It all depends on which side of the blade is held. Despite its reputation, it is rarely seen outside the borders of the country, and in such cases, these are only a few scattered troops, accompanying for a special regular armies. In a country as closed on itself Avalon, the Temple, its strength, its customs, combat techniques and its numbers are unknown outside the borders.

Despite warnings from Aurloks, sheikhs fail to believe in the existence of a powerful force in the heart of Avalon. The Khalimans see the kingdom mired in feudal relations and its deadly bondage of vampire tree. The young nation, they think, can not afford to maintain a professional army, organized and ready to fight. For them, the Temple is only a legend after stories of secession men during the war alchemical they will perhaps care to verify that their domestic problems will be resolved.
Triad has an ambivalent view of the Temple. Older venerable Empire still trotting the stories of their ancestors on the alchemical war and take very seriously, reminding younger than a handful of Templars content and pushed the Empire forces in the mountains of Morning. These venerable highlight and criticize the too great confidence of current fighters of the Imperial Army.

Royaume d'AvalonBut paradoxically, it is within the Temple of Avalon divides most. For the people, it is often the vision of a secure future. Embed the ranks of novices Temple and receive a Beathacrann graft is seen as the promise of a better future, or possibly less dark. For the elite of the kingdom, it is advantage of an armed group linked to the three monasteries, though the Temple is somewhat outside the Avalonian Church. For others, it is a key political force, a sort of permanent threat. Some voices are raised to denounce the fact that the Temple would be a kind of private army whose masters are too autonomous.
Indeed, no one in Avalon has forgotten the death of the king in the barony of Coelon and stealing precious relic. No one has forgotten the troubles that followed and finally no one has forgotten the military deployment in the Temple baronies to prevent possible uprisings. This deployment gave a reputation for inflexibility and power Temple despite the fact that no major combat was not delivered. Throughout the tumultuous history of Avalon, this was the only time that military force was deployed Temple since the leak completely through the Mountains of Morning, 566 cycles before.

Since 1329 this dark cycle and the regency of Eleanor, the Temple folds increasingly on itself, emancipating itself as much as possible of the secular church. The Templars are now rarely join the troops of the Baron, preferring to work alone. Some priests are beginning to express their doubts about the motives of the masters of the Temple. The Church stifles these comments to the excellent service that the Temple and collectors makes the holy tree. But everything seems ready for a crisis occurs.

Le Temple