Avalon mass …

Aug 17 alkemy_the_game  

blitz-avalon-1Lotharius – 1 Knight errant – 1 templar – 4 recruits – 3 bushwhackers
10 models – 6 profile cards

Some generalities:
This list is fairly typical of a feature of the Avalon faction: it is populous. With 10 models you will almost systematically more figurines that your playing partner who will oppose you in average probably 7 or 8. So we have to play on this asset to make the objectives and / or occupy the land before your opponent.
Beware though, a populous list is good but there is a downside: 7 of your 10 figures are relatively low in battle and the enemy troops will have no trouble getting rid of. There is therefore no question of engaging massively fighting suddenly attack “brutal” as one would do with other lists conducted by the Knight-Legate Garlan.
About the hero precisely Lotharius even if the profile is different from Garlan, it can also cause extensive damage to enemy troops, however, it has only 3 AP (Action Points). We will have to keep this in mind during the game because it significantly changes the radius of action.
Lotharius is obviously not the only highlight in the list … The Templar knight errant and are sure about your opponents will quickly beware.

Play list:
Whatever the scenario, the objectives tend to group figures or contrary to disperse them on the map, you must force the opponent to run after the score to be able to wear them major hits at the right time. To do this with little figurines values ​​are generally activated first, ie your recruits and your touts for a total of 3 activations.
Be careful about the placement of these “pieces”, these models must afford to take the objectives by exposing himself as little as possible to enemy strikes: Sometimes a difference of a little help even allows you to take an objective, but can put you in deviation of a load. For example, make sure to always end their movement more than an inch of another of your figurines. What for ? Because then you will not risk you load several figurines at a time and therefore lose more on activation of an opposing figure. (Well it is a mistake that you will not make twice once you have taken charge of a warrior-Aurlok aurochs …)
 In the event of combat, you quickly lose those figures; Fortunately they are expendable if they allow immobilize adverse PA, giving free rein to the Templar knight errant or example that will end without a response much more expensive opposing figure.
The beaters can also be used as stalkers with their sling, but only against weak defenses! No need to aim for 11 or 12 defense is 1 AP lost.
Specifically, chances beaters (without bonus dice) to reach a defensive 11 is about 1 in 4; for a defense of 10, it increases to approximately 4 out of 10; Finally, for a defense chances are 9 out of 10 6.
By taking the advantage on goals, your point advance can afford to spend a turn and force the opponent to activate their cards and spend AP while you can adjust your actions based on the latest figures of the game opponent. So you can play your three significant figures (Lotharius, the knight and the Templar) with less risk of retaliation.
If you succeed in addition to eliminating a figure (or more) this advantage the number and the race to the goal will increase during the next turn, giving you even more perspective on the actions of your opponent.

Miniatures :

  • Recruits: they will serve you to cover the ground and go for goals. They will even be sacrificed to allow other figurines into action more effectively. In short, they help “disperse” adverse PA.
  • Bushwhackers: they will play the same role as the recruits but more focused on the objective taking. They are even lower than the recruits melee, but they are 3 to be activated at the same time and above all they have a displacement equivalent to Khalimans. Their advantage is mobility.
  • Templar: It can be with only 2 PA but its jurisdiction “Master melee” is potentially a figure to 3 PA. Well certainly the 3rd PA is necessarily an attack … but it’s not very annoying because it’s his role. It has a good combat value, damage a good table, a good defense and icing on the cake competence “brutal Expert”. Although one should not dismiss the objective taking to the Templar, its role is still mostly going to empty at the opponent.
  • Knight errant : In this configuration, its role will be quite close to that of the Templar. He did a little better and has a lower defense, though he compensates with his competence Tough one.” It features her real PA 3, so it is more versatile and can pick targets more easily.
  • Lotharius : Like every hero is a central part of your composition. Be careful not to lose too prematurely exhibitor. It has a good strike force and a good defense. It may therefore also clean the field and make goals. Its small defect like heroes, it only 3 PA and must therefore often make difficult choices when activated.

Good game!