Avalon – List Blitz “discovery”

Aug 18 alkemy_the_game  


Garlan, Countryside Priest, 2 Recruits, 2 Crossbowmen, Knight errant
7 models – 5 profile cards

Some generalities:
This list allows you to explore (in part) the brutal side of the Avalon faction. Garlan This is obviously the most impressive of the list, we also found it very regularly on tables. But your troops are not left with rafters and including deadly enough tiles. This composition gives you a number of fairly standard figures in the Blitz game format. Caution, however, you have 2 multi-card figurines (recruits and rafters), which means that in terms of number of activations, you’ll certainly less than your opponent.
It therefore does not need too take risks early in the game to avoid losing prematurely Garlan or Knight-errant just because your opponent will have the opportunity to play two figurines at the end of round (so you have everything already enabled) . These two figures can wreak havoc among the enemy as they are in the “white” (mostly Garlan).

With this particular list, the party really starts early … Indeed, sight lines will be of paramount importance to your rafters. Well placed decorations and a judicious deployment enable you early in the game not to use the action points of the rafters to move and shoot do repeatedly. Some tiles that hit figurines and your opponent will be much weakened.

Play list:
One possible solution to catch up in number of activations is to try to take the lead on goals rather quickly. Indeed, with a significant advance, it is possible to “pass” instead of activating a figurine. If your opponent goes well, you will take the advantage in points, otherwise, you will reduce the gap between the numbers of remaining activations.
For that, without exposing your “master” figurines too quickly, it will start by moving your pawns: the recruits. Feel free to use them to get a goal or harass an opposing figure (to make him spend AP (Action Points)), they are somehow expendable.” You will have time later in the round to avenge with Garlan and wandering-Chevalier. The rafters in turn will be activated as soon as a target or multiple targets present themselves and try to weaken view to its elimination.

Both figures not to let go of the eyes are obviously Garlan and wandering-Chevalier. These figures have “Tough” and make big damage (with Garlan which is a little outside the norm). Moreover, between Garlan has 4 AP and Knight-errant who has 3, figurines you with a good range and versatile: they can as well go play that distribute slaps objectives. So you play according to the approach of your opponent. For example, if your opponent leaves you 2 figures less than an inch from each other, a load of Garlan on the two might be enough to get rid of (two opposing figures less! It hurts … ).
Your country priest will support these two main parts including its formula “Prayer stones” that will increase your “Tough” a notch, but also with the formula “Litany of Brambles’ which combined with harm reduction (thanks to Coriace) could deter the enemy from attacking you. Finally, do not forget (this happens frequently at first) competence “religious authority” that will allow you to “transform” your wandering-Knight figurine with a potential of 4 PA.


  • Recruits : they will serve you to cover the ground and go for goals. They will even be sacrificed to allow other figurines into action more effectively. In short, they help disperse” adverse PA.
  • Crossbowmen: Their role is to weaken the opponent with their shots. For this positioning sets and their deployment should be well calculated. A small double 6 and you will see that the adversary will make detours to not stay in the line of fire
  • Knight errant : Very versatile figure, his role will depend on what is present in the face, he can play in fighting or aggressive scenario. Its damage table is correct, but it has a rather weak defense (though he compensates partly with its jurisdiction Coriace 1“). It may increase its defensive side with the priest’s formulas. It has 3 PA, and potentially 4 with religious authority of the priest. In short, you guessed it, his ruthless efficiency will be greatly enhanced by the presence of nearby priest.
  • Countryside priest : This is the list of your support figurine. Try to place it centrally for others to take full figures of its two forms, but also its jurisdiction “religious authority” … I‘m repeating myself, but remember that AP provided by your priest
  • Garlan : This is THE brutal figure of Avalon faction (see of all the factions … almost). Like all heroes, it is a central part of your composition. Caution, however, even if it is “Tough”, his defense is not exceptional and it will easily hit. So do not expose too early in the game. If you do load in his first PA, try to make a charge “multiple”, otherwise, it eliminates the opposing figurine 2 AP eg you remain 2 PA you can not use, it is pity …

Good game!