Avalon army

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avalon1Avalon is a nation living in a swamp back always becoming a little unhealthy and which is created by opposing one of the most powerful forces of the time. So it is no surprise if war is an integral part of everyday life and the organization of its armed looks exactly like that of its people.

Thus his armies are managed by a double complex and esoteric hierarchy. First, there are the secular armies, those of nobles and their people foremost among which are the royal and baronial OSTs regular armies of the Order of the Temple.

If the first generally have a hard core of a few knights or pilgrims, they are essentially composed of disciplined masses of commoners barely or recruits who, if they can sometimes bring a surplus, have the particular advantage of dying in place of their masters. All are not necessarily weapons people, far from it, and more than a hapless lord had to recruit his men forced into the workers, laborers and other servants who provide enormous and necessary that stewardship requires an army in . Therefore, they are usually conducted by knights, which are the pinnacle of the military aristocracy of Avalon and had the honor of receiving a graft Beathacrann. They are made at the same time of knights-errant, who did not have the chance to own land, pilgrims seeking to illustrate to receive a graft of armed men, mostly infantrymen, or rafters, and finally all the people can provide as recruits.


In contrast, the trained and disciplined armies of the Templars make more of a shudder as their cohesion and effectiveness on the battlefield seem able to overcome any enemy. Usually conducted by a constable, they may include members of any monastery (even if they unite relatively rarely to face a common threat) and rely mainly whole units novice, wearing proud of lances and maneuvering as one man, and groups fierce seasoned Templars ready to charge sword in hand all the enemies of their faith.


This first distinction is to add one second: the generosity of Beathacrann. For if there are few to benefit from a transplant, who show themselves worthy become true war machines at Avalon service capable of the greatest feats as the worst atrocities. So much so that the battles are won and generally lose through these few elite individuals, really only able to take or hold the vital points of the battlefield. Indeed, for a long time, the only strategy taught to young nobles
Avalonian was to give them appropriate targets and ensure that they were supported by sufficient recruits or small fry to do what was expected of them. Today, with a few noble Brall having had to face disappointments in Aurlok territory, few are looking to develop other tactics and it is a real procession accompanying each (servants, country priests Monks collectors, etc.).

avalon03Also have a special place all who have been so “blessed” by the Beathacrann that even some members of the Church have difficulty in considering them otherwise than as mindless beasts. So saturated with sap or other extracts from the tree of life, and the other giants come retiarii provide support and a much needed firepower where they are tolerated. The former have a reputation for being particularly devious and tend to bully other infantry, but this discomfort is much less than that caused by the sight of a giant engaged in his most savage instincts.